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Gyrotonic is a unique exercise modality using fluid, circular movements of the spine, pelvis and joints that will take your body through multiple planes of movement simultaneously.


A gyrotonic session is a highly personalised experience with your instructor guiding you through movements performed on the Pulley Tower, Jumping Stretching Board and on the floor. The Pulley Tower was designed around the human body to give traction, support and resistance, ensuring freedom of movement and a sensitive feedback mechanism.

The supporting musculature of the abdominals, spine, shoulders and hips together with major muscle groups combine to create an integrated whole body workout.

Classes are approximately 60 minutes. 90 minute sessions are available on request.


Whether you have a tight neck, shoulders and upper back, lower back pain and / or poor pelvic stability or you are an athlete looking for the edge over your competitors, gyrotonic can benefit you.

Are you ready to experience gyrotonic?  Contact Nadine on 0423 686 827 to arrange a session today.

For more information on GYROTONIC® visit

Contact Nadine on 0423 686 827 to make a booking.

"Being an elite weightlifting athlete I have trained many years in many different ways, but gyro helped me tune into and focus on the muscles I was using, especially the core and stabilising muscles.

My core strength improved and I felt more stable in my jerk position. My posture when jerking was improved also as I was able to more efficiently switch on my core muscles preventing me from hyperflexing in the lumbar arch.

For anyone looking to improve their sporting ability, or to just improve posture and remain injury free I would recommend gyrotonic!"

Nicole S. Weightlifter


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