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Gyrokinesis is a flowing series of movements performed on stools, mats and laying down.

A typical group class will begin with postural awareness and co-ordinating breathing patterns with activation of the deep abdominals. From there the pelvis and spine are engaged and mobilised in arching, curling, spiralling and undulating movements.

These spinal motions are expanded to include joint mobilisation and release of the shoulders, hips and limbs, right down to the fingers and toes. You will finish the class feeling revitalised and refreshed; relaxed but knowing you've worked your body!

Gyrokinesis is also available as a one-on-one session.


A gyrokinesis class can offer similar benefits to gyrotonic.  3-5 private sessions are recommended initially to learn the key elements of gyrokinesis, enabling you to get the full benefit of the class.

If you are experiencing pain, private sessions are strongly advised to identify your areas of concern and address them with closely supervised strengthening and stretching exercises. This will enable you to be more aware of your body's strengths and limitations in a group setting.


Corporate, dance companies, sporting teams and clubs, individual associations, Mums'n'Bubs groups and Pilates studios are just a few groups which will benefit from a GYROKINESIS® class, either as a one-off or on an ongoing basis.

Please contact Nadine on 0423 686 827 to discuss your requirements.


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